Sunday, April 21, 2013

I`ll Begin From My Beginning

I always desired to live closer to nature.
Maybe because I miss Italy immensely and the whole traditions that I inherited from my family, or maybe because I often have nostalgia for habits that I have been told about but I never truly experienced. I want to step back a little bit and use my heritage in every simple gesture of my daily life; delicate and natural habits that cuddle people around me and myself almost inadvertently. But I can guarantee that at the end of the day you feel the difference.
Perhaps I am romanticizing too much, but I truly enjoy bringing nature in my daily life. In my house I try to keep everything as natural as possible: detergents, cosmetics, food, and house decor are very basic, yet so satisfying and practical.
Here I will share my recipes/experiments, and I will experiment a new life style that I hope will accompany me on my journey!