Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green Clay to treat your skin

When May comes, I already feel the summer tickling my skin. As a happy child I often spent at least a month away from the city living in a caravan with my family on the Adriatic coast. No, I did not grow up in a hippy commune or something like that! At that time, in the eighties, camping was just a smart way for families to bring joy at a cheap price! Months of sand castles, sun and tons of friends. Could a child ask for more?! My middle sister and I would sleep on the twin bed and my parents on the "magic" reversible dinner table. The caravan, or "roulotte" as we called it, also had a little kitchenette where my mom created the most amazing meals. That`s why I think that to make good food you do not need a huge space!! Everything was very basic, and spartan and of course guess what, NO bathroom!

What I also remember with pleasure is not only the wild life, but the sense of community and friendship among people. Every Sunday morning adults would go to the fresh market to buy flapping fish from  fishermen of Rimini and then, almost like in a tribal rite women would season the fish, and men prepared the fire. At the end of the plush lunch, men on one side of the long, red checkered table would drink their "digestivo" and women laughing about the latest gossip would be on the other. Everything was simple and incredibly genuine.

Waking up with this sense of tickling skin I thought to treat it a little bit, and I found a great cleansing mask that purifies the skin just before sun starts to tan it.

Since there is a pose time for this recipe, I leave you with two classic Italian summer songs that will keep you in good company: Stessa Spiaggia Stesso Mare listen, Sapore di Sale sapore diMare listen

Green Clay as Facial Treatment (For impure skin)

Average Price: $2-$3
A teaspoon of honey
Two tablespoon of green ventilated clay
1/4 of a cup or less of lemon juice
How to do it:
  1. Mix the clay with the lemon juice. Pour the juice gently, until the clay gets the appearance of mud. It does not have to be too liquid nor to solid.
  2. Add honey and mix well again
  3. If the solutions appears too liquid add more clay, if it is too compact then add more lemon juice until it gets a consistency that is easy to spread
  4. With a spoon, or simply with your fingers, apply the product in your face, neck, and decolte. BE CAREFUL, DO NOT apply the cream close to or in your eyes!!
  5. Wait for about ten minutes or until the clay dries in your skin. (Do not plan to laugh!)
  6. If during the waiting time you are planning to go outside maybe you wanna let your neighbor know what is going on
  7. Remove the green stuff from your face, starting from the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck.   
If you want to know more about the type of clays and why they are good for your skin you might want to read here.