Monday, April 22, 2013

Olive Oil as Natural Moisturizer

I will start my project from an ingredient as simple as olive oil. We all love it drizzled on a crispy bruschetta, but have you ever thought how good it could be on your skin? I always think that something that nourishes you inside will do it from outside too!
 Even before I learned that olive oil is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, I just could not live without it! A big green glass jug of olive oil was always sitting in the silent tavern of my childhood home, and since my mom would pour it very generously in every single dish I can possibly remember, she would ask me every other day to go downstairs to refill the dispenser. How terrified I was then! It was dark and cold, but the concoction of smells coming up from there was irresistible: a mix of vinegar, wine, and cured meats hanging from the ceiling. There simply does not exist a word to describe that whole feast of senses! Now that I am older I want to try to use this rich ingredient not only as a condiment, but as a beauty product.

 Olive oil used as a moisturizer

Price range: $ 4.0-9.0


Olive Oil
Soap dispenser

  • First, for this natural skin moisturizer you do not need to buy a fancy and expensive extra virgin olive oil (In this case the taste does not count), just buy the cheapest one. As long as it is natural it will work.  
  • Then you will have to transfer the oil into a regular soap dispenser. It might be a good idea to put a label on it. (You do not want your guests to be lost!) 
  • Put it in a place that is convenient for you and apply it as often as possible. Your skin will shine and smell least for me!