Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moss as inspirational decor

Strangely enough one of the plants that has always fascinated me is moss. I admit it is not a beautiful plant! It does not have bright colors, nor a good smell. It does not have interesting shapes and it is everywhere. It`s basically something most people would like to get rid of!
Yet, its green shades are so intriguing. Verde, verdino, verdone, verdastro as I would call them in Italian. And its puffy texture is so funny!
During Christmas time I always collected it from my yard and used it as decor for the nativity. As a rebel teenager I wanted to use it as a piece of jewellery, maybe as a nice pendant or something like that. Unfortunately I never figured out how to apply this plant to make my own pieces. 
Last week I went to see an art exhibit and I learned that I am not the only fanatic of this underrated plant. The English painters known as Pre-Raphaelites LOVED it just like me! If  you take a look at any of their paintings set outdoors, you`ll find moss all over. Painted with such dedication that it is hard to believe it does not have a real purpose other than decorating the picture. I think it is there to evoke a cocoon-like atmosphere, a quiet place that smells like underbrush. A setting where the stories they tell take place.
Now in my adulthood, I finally figured out how to use moss. I decided that like the Pre-Raphaelites I want to capture all the quite atmosphere from it and bring it into my house.
Here is how I did it.

Moss as an inspirational decoration

Price range $ 0-.50

small flat pot (I used a small glass dish that I bought at a flee market for $.50)
  • Take from the ground the variety of moss that you like the most. You can easily find it at the bottom of a tree, in the woods, or other places in the shade.
  • Cover the bottom of the pot with a thin film of soil, possibly the same in which the plant was bedded.
  • Then put the moss on top
  • Place the pot anywhere where you can enjoy the view of it. 
Care directions
Moss is a little plant that needs a lot of shade and humidity, therefore it needs to be watered once or twice a day. Do not expose it directly to the flow of water, it is better to lay a wet napkin for several hours until it gets dry.