Monday, April 29, 2013

Clay as Refrigerator Odor Neutralizer

Every culture has its own "wacky" aspects. Italians for instance are OBSESSED with personal and home cleanliness. Have you ever wondered why we always ask for a bidet??! Also do not be surprised if an Italian sneaks a glance to check the status of your floor, sink or toilet.  For us it is a question of civilization. Probably because we had to deal for centuries with the dirty laundry of the politicians; perhaps because we have to forget the garbage to which we have been exposed sometimes. It is a fact that we are one of the most (if not the most) clean populations out there! And so am I.
Living in a well developed country (USA), one of the things I noticed with the biggest surprise -and distaste- is that people forget to clean a very important thing in their house: The AIR! It`s such a simple gesture opening the window and letting a fresh breeze of new air reinvigorate the rooms in which we live and work. Air and sun kill germs in the room just like an hand sanitizer does in your hands. I do not understand why people do not get that! Plus, it`s FREE!!
Besides the air in the rooms, there is the refrigerator`s smell. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but most of the time there are simple solutions for it. I found this great and simple one. Let me know if it works!

Clay as a Refrigerator Odor Neutralizer

Project average price $1.5-$2


For the essence:
4 spoons or more of Green clay (Mine is from Italy, but I saw that Amazon sells it too. It is Argilla clay, the one used for facial mask too)
2 or 3 drops of essential oil (I used cypress, but also sage, mint, lemon or mandarin are fine)
For the container:
1 small/medium glass jar (I recycled a jam jar)
1 sterile pad or gauze (the one in your first aid kit is great)
1 ribbon (I used an undisclosed piece of fabric)
1 rubber band (just recycle one of the rubber bands usually used for food packaging)

  • Transfer the clay into the jar.
  • Then add the drops of your favorite essential oil (do not mix)
  • Cut about half, or less, of the pad depending on the size of your jar 
  • Fix it well at the top of the jar with the rubber band
  • Finally cover it with a ribbon
  • Place it in the fridge and add essential oil as needed
I  LOVE it!